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How Long Does Saxenda Stay in Your System after Stopping

There can be all sorts of signs when someone or something has overstayed their welcome. Sometimes the host is able to verbalize that sentiment, other times the one accommodating doesn’t have a voice in the literal sense of the term. This overstaying can be true even if the guest has done plenty of good during their time there, and that is about as best as we can do before segueing this into a discussion about Rx medication. Sometimes drugs need to know when it is time to move on too, and this leads into our entry here discussing how long does Saxenda stay in your system.

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That question is going to need to be framed in the context of a person who has had success with using Saxenda for weight loss and has now gotten off the medication with a more long-term and manageable approach to staying at a healthy body weight. It is these people who will be most keen to know how long does Saxenda stay in your system. This will be especially true if they have been pleased to lose weight with Saxenda but have been tolerating side effects the whole time.

There are a lot of variables that go into how long the timeframe for Rx drugs leaving the body is going to be. Most medications do not overstay their welcome and leave the body quite quickly, but others will not dissipate and being excreted via the liver and the kidneys quite as quickly. And for people who have compromised health in either of those organs then Saxenda may stay in their system longer. But let us get right down to it – how long does Saxenda stay in your system after stopping use of it?

Half-Life / Half-Day+

Every prescription drug is going to have what is called a half-life. This is the duration required for the amount of the drug in the body to be reduced by half. As it relates to how long does Saxenda stay I your system, the half-life for Semaglutide (Saxenda’s active ingredient) is 13 hours. A little more than a half day is the half-life for this medication. Let’s keep in mind you’ll likely be injecting yourself with Saxenda every day for the first week, as that’s fairly standard based on what doctors will recommend.

You will need to become familiar with how to use the Saxenda pen fairly quickly, but it’s not in any way difficult really. Once that first week is done you will start injecting once a week, and ideally, you’ll start seeing pounds come off. And you will not stay on Saxenda forever. So once that happens when will Saxenda be entirely gone? A half-life of 13 hours works out the answer for how long does Saxenda stay in your system being 3 days. Just 3 days, not long at all. After 72 hours there isn’t going to be any Saxenda remaining in your body.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.