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Online Pharmacy Partner

Sometimes it is best to hitch a ride if you know someone or something is really going places, and especially if one of the destinations is where you aim to go too. That can apply to the world of business and an online pharmacy. You will want to be aware of when the next train is passing through the station, and in the case of online pharmacies in Canada this is a metaphorical way to explain the advantage of entering into a pharmacy collaborative with Canpharm. For a newer online pharmacy, it makes sense.

Collaborate with CanPharm to Enhance your Customer Satisfaction and Retention Rates. Click here to become our Pharmacy Partner.

We encourage these types of pharmacies that are looking to achieve growth and the ability to accommodate demand to become an online pharmacy partner. The reason that will be advantageous for them is because Canpharm has the extensive experience in the online pharmacy space that’s needed to provide the resources required for newer pharmacies as they look to scale up their operations and replicate the success, we’ve had in the online pharmacy space.  

We wanted to lead into this proposal for a pharmacy collaborative with this background, and especially with the fact that we know how to identify and secure advantageous medication sourcing agreements with pharmaceutical wholesalers. This makes us your best choice as an online pharmacy partner. You will be hitching your ride with a very solidly established online pharmacy in Canada that has a massive customer base in the USA and one that is authorized to distribute pharmaceuticals for all 51 US states. 

Ideal Fill Pharmacy Arrangement  

The primary reason that smaller ventures in the same industry will want to enter a pharmacy collaborative with us is because of the way we can serve as a central fill pharmacy. One of the major challenges that smaller online pharmacies will have these days is that at times they are unable to dispense medications as requested because they are unable to source the Rx products via wholesalers. This can be especially true for medications that are in high demand, and with Rybelsus as good example.  

But it is not just diabetes treatment medications that pharmacies may struggle to have in stock. The difference between what Canpharm is able to do with its sourcing agreements and the limitations smaller pharmacies have been what may make a pharmacy collaborative so beneficial for smaller but growing online pharmacies. There are going to be other advantages too of course, and as far as viability is concerned, we’ll take this chance to remind you that Canpharm has made $15 million in Rx sales and counting to this point.  

We’ll wrap up this overview of a pharmacy collaborative here by encouraging any management group who is interested to contact us at to discuss this opportunity further. We can assure you that the demand for Rx meds from Canada is only going to grow in the foreseeable future and so if you’re ever going to hitch that ride then the best time is now. 

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.