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Where to buy Sildenafil?

Where to buy Sildenafil?

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Sildenafil, more commonly called Viagra, is a prescription erectile dysfunction medication. As such those wanting to know where to buy Sildenafil will only be able to buy it at a licensed pharmacy and with a physician’s prescription. Nearly all pharmacies across the United States and Canada will carry Sildenafil, as it is a very popular medication these days.

Be aware than a more affordable option for where to buy Sildenafil is to order it online. You’ll typically get a much better per-pill price than you’re able to buy it from your local US pharmacy.

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction will of course be making it a priority to find a solution for the issue. If you’re one of them then your first step will be to schedule an appointment with your physician. He or she will speak to you about your condition, and depending on the specific of how you’ve been experiencing ED they will then write you a prescription for sildenafil.

Product Our Price Avg. Local Pharmacy Price
Viagra 25mg $9.37 per tablet $58 per tablet
Viagra 50mg $10.75 per tablet $58 per tablet
Viagra 100mg $11.25 per tablet $58.00 per tablet
Viagra 25mg (Generic) $6.04 per tablet $11.00 per tablet
Viagra 50mg (Generic) $4.98 per tablet $11.00 per tablet
Viagra 100mg (Generic) $5.60 per tablet $11.00 per tablet

Be aware that the physician will only issue the prescription if they feel you are a suitable candidate to benefit from this medication.

Let’s now look into where you can buy Sildenafil in more detail.

Available at All Major Pharmacies

All of the major US pharmacies will carry Sildenafil (Viagra), and this includes Walmart, CVS, Fred Meyer, QFC, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Bartell Drug, Albertsons, and Safeway. Keep in mind that most if not all of these pharmacies will be able to honour Pfizer’s (the pharmaceutical manufacturer) patient assistance program. It’s designed to help individuals who genuinely need their medication but are unable to afford the entirety of it for legitimate reasons.

It’s nice to know that the drug’s manufacturer understands that Viagra is an essential medication for some men. And further that its branded pill cost is prohibitive for some of those individuals.

We now move from these upsides of a drug being so effective and popular, to one of the downsides that consumers should be aware of. What we’re talking about here is counterfeit Viagra, and Sildenafil is one of the most counterfeited drugs in the world. When you consider that counterfeit versions of the medication have been found to include:

  • Blue printer ink
  • Amphetamines
  • Powerful antibiotics than can cause allergic reactions and illness
  • Binding agents like drywall that prevent the tablet from dissolving properly
  • A lack or complete absence of active ingredients

Among other harmful ingredients, it becomes very important to make sure that you are getting a genuine and safe product. This is not to say that generic sildenafil is prone to having these harmful constituents in it; most generic equivalents of medications adhere to health and safety guidelines and are legit acceptable alternatives.

Further, do not assume that pharmacies operating outside of the USA but serving US customers will be likely sources of counterfeit Viagra medication. This is not the case, and many major drug manufacturers have come out with official communications suggesting as much.

Precautions When Taking Viagra

Your interest in Sildenafil should be preceded by looking into whether or not this medication is right for you, and if it is safe for you to be taking it. The aforementioned consultation with your family physician will go a long way in this regard. However, it is always a good idea to reinforce the general guidelines for taking Viagra safely.

Do not take Viagra if you are taking any nitrate medicines. These are typically prescribed for chest pain. Anyone treating pulmonary hypertension conditions with guanylate cyclase stimulators may also be at risk when taking sildenafil, because of drastic blood pressure drops. In addition, if once you start taking Viagra you then start experiencing any type of adverse symptoms it may indicate an allergy to some constituent in the medication.

If this happens, discontinue your use of the medication and speak with same physician who gave you your prescription.  Another more general consideration that still bears mentioning is this; you should be sure of being in sufficient physical condition to be able to have sex. This is particularly true if you are resuming sexual relations with your partner after an extended period of inactivity.

Before starting to take Sildenafil, you should also tell your physician if you:

  • Have had heart issues like a heart attack, irregular heartbeat, angina, or anything else
  • Have had heart surgery in the last 6 months, or had a stroke
  • Have low OR high blood pressure
  • Have blood cell issues like sickle cell anemia or multiple myeloma
  • Have had stomach ulcers, liver problems, or kidney problems and kidney dialysis

These are only the primary health risk considerations listed here. The entirety of them can be discussed with your health care professional.

Discussions of Sildenafil are often expanded to include general information about the drug itself and how to use it safely. That’s particularly important here because of the explosive popularity of this medication given the role it plays in a man having a healthy sex life.  Be sure to consult extensively with your physician. As far as where to buy Sildenafil, you shouldn’t need to go any further than your local pharmacy, or order it online from Canada to get a better price.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.