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Divigel 0.1% (Estradiol)

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Divigel is a prescription menopause relief medication for limiting menopausal hot flashes and night sweats plus treatment of vaginal symptoms occurring with menopause. As an estrogen replacement therapy drug it works to increase the estrogen hormone levels as they drop when a woman enters her menopause years. The gel is applied to your skin and as Estradiol is absorbed it moves into the bloodstream to reduce menopause symptoms effectively so women suffer less during this time of their lives.

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The recommended starting dose for Divigel is 0.25mg and the gel is applied once daily onto the skin over the skin of the upper thigh. Spread the gel in a thin layer over a 5 to 7" circular area and it must be allowed to dry completely before dressing or covering the area in any way. The gel should be applied at the same time each day.

Wash hands thoroughly after application


The active ingredient in Divigel is Estradiol


Medication should not be applied to other areas, and the application site will be clearly indicated in your prescription

Divigel is flammable - keep medication away from any open flame source at all times

Eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice is inadvisable while using Divigel to treat menopause because of risk of potential negative reaction.

Let your doctor know of any history heart disease, stroke, pulmonary embolism or breast or endometrial cancer before starting on Divigel

Women who have liver dysfunction or deep vein thrombosis may not be suitable for using this medication

Women with partial or complete vision loss will require additional doctor consultation before beginning on Divigel for menopause

Store this medication at room temperature


Negative drug interactions may occur between Divigel and other Rx medications, including anastrozole / bosentan / carbamazepine / celecoxib / ceritinib / clozapine / cobicistat / dabrafenib / dehydroepiandrosterone / desiccated thyroid / elagolix / eslicarbazepine / exemestane / lamotrigine / lenalidomide / levothyroxine / melatonin / mifepristone / mitotane / modafinil / ospemifene / phenobarbital / phenytoin / pomalidomide / primidone / rifabutin / rifampin / ropinirole / somatropin / tacrolimus / thalidomide / theophylline / tizanidine

Inform your doctor of all medications you are currently taking before obtaining a prescription and proceeding to buy Divigel online

Side Effects

Side effects from Divigel are rare, but some people may have acne. breast pain or tenderness, fluid retention, headache, irritability, migraine headaches, nausea, skin irritation, stomach cramps and bloating, vomiting or weight gain. If Divigel side effects are experienced you can discontinue use and talk to your doctor again regarding other menopause treatment medication options.