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Valtrex (Valacyclovir)

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What is Generic?

What is a Generic Drug?

A generic drug is a copy of the brand-name drug with the same dosage, safety, strength, quality, consumption method, performance, and intended use. Before generics become available on the market, the generic company must prove it has the same active ingredients as the brand-name drug and works in the same way and in the same amount of time in the body.

The only differences between generics and their brand-name counterparts is that generics are less expensive and may look slightly different (eg. different shape or color), as trademarks laws prevent a generic from looking exactly like the brand-name drug.

Generics are less expensive because generic manufacturers don't have to invest large sums of money to develop a drug. When the brand-name patent expires, generic companies can manufacture a copy of the brand-name and sell it at a substantial discount.


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VALTREX is an antiviral drug used to treat herpes zoster (shingles) and genital herpes. It does not cure herpes infections but decreases its symptoms such as pain and itching, helps sores to heal, and prevents new ones from forming.

VALTREX is can be used with adults and children. For children, it is mainly used to treat cold sores in those who are at least 12 years old, and to treat chickenpox in children who are at least 2 years old.

Note: this medication will not treat a viral infection such as the common cold or flu.

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Take VALTREX immediately after it has been prescribed by your doctor and during the first appearance of symptoms such as tingling, burning, blister for optimal results.

Take each dose with a full glass of water. Drink plenty of water while you are taking VALTREX to keep your kidneys working properly. It can also be taken with or without food. Ask your doctor what will work best for you.

Take this medication for the entire length of time prescribed by your doctor. Your symptoms may get better before the infection is completely treated. Lesions caused by herpes viruses should be kept as clean and dry as possible. Wearing loose clothing may help to prevent irritation of the lesions.


To ensure that VALTREX is right for you, all patients should inform their doctor about their medical history and other conditions including:

  • if you have HIV/AIDS
  • a weak immune system
  • kidney disease (or if you are on dialysis)
  • if you have had a kidney or bone marrow transplant
  • if you are using any medications
  • are allergic to valacyclovir or acyclovir (Zovirax)
Other important safety information patients should know before using VALTREX is that this medication can be harmful to the kidneys, and these effects are increased when it is used together with other medications that can harm the kidneys. VALTREX will not prevent the spread of genital herpes. Herpes infections are contagious and you can infect other people even while you are taking with VALTREX. Do not give VALTREX to a child unless it has been prescribed by a doctor.

The effect of this medication to an unborn baby are unknown however, herpes virus can be passed from an infected mother to her baby during childbirth. Consult your doctor about the risks associated with use. VALTREX does pass into breast milk and may harm a nursing infant. Do not take this medication without telling your doctor if you are breast-feeding a baby.

Side Effects

VALTREX can cause serious side effects that can harm red blood cells. Be aware of symptoms of a fever, easy bruising or bleeding, red spots on the skin, bloody diarrhea, vomiting, pale or yellowed skin, weakness, fainting, or urinating less than usual or not at all. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

Additional serious side effects may include:

  • lower back pain
  • drowsiness
  • mood changes
  • increased thirst or loss of appetite
  • vomiting
  • swelling
  • weight gain
  • shortness of breath
  • confusion
  • agitation or aggression
  • hallucinations or trouble concentrating
  • feeling shaky or unsteady
  • problems with speech or vision
  • seizure (convulsions)
Common side effects of VALTREX may include:
  • nausea
  • stomach pain
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • fatigue
  • joint pain
  • menstrual pain
  • mild skin rash
  • feverish symptoms such as stuffy nose or sore throat
Also, contact your doctor immediately if you experience signs of an allergic reaction (hives, difficulty breathing and/or swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat). Do not give VALTREX to a child unless it has been prescribed by a doctor.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.